Riders of the purple sage

In this classic and timeless Western novel, heroine Jane Withersteen battles to overcome her persecution by members of her polygamous Mormon Church, a leader of which, Elder Tull, wants to marry her. Withersteen is supported by a number of Gentile friends, including Bern Venters and Lassiter, a famous but mysterious gunman. Raging against time and her determined adversaries, Withersteen struggles with her “blindness” in seeing the evil nature of her church and its leaders, trying to keep both Venters and Lassiter from gunning down her enemies. But through the adoption of a child, Fay, Withersteen abandons her false beliefs and discovers her true love. (Note: this is the 192-page version.)

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The Barrier

In this classic and timeless Western novel, we encounter a story of survival, vengeance, romance, and adventure in the Alaskan wilderness. Hero Lieutenant Burrell of the United States Army is captivated by the magical and seductive, Necia. A store owner, Gale, has been taking care and protecting Necia for many years. Necia had been rescued many years ago from her evil father, Captain Bennett. Unbeknownst to Lieutenant Burrell, Necia’s past will soon come back to haunt her. Bennett, disguised as Ben Stark, has arrived in the village seeking vengeance and his daughter. Now, the Lieutenant will need to take matters into his own hands to save them both.

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The Silver Horde

In this classic and timeless Western novel, which is set in Kalvik, a fictionalized community in Bristol Bay, Alaska, tells the story of a down on his luck gold miner, Boyd Emerson, who discovers a greater wealth in Alaska’s run of salmon (silver horde) and decides to open a cannery. In order to “hit gold,” the gold miner must overcome the relentless opposition of a fictionalized Alaska Packers Association. In the quest for striking gold and making it in such a tough environment, our hero will have to deal with the ruthless Association, which undercuts his financing, sabotages his equipment, incites a longshoremen’s riot, and bribes his fishermen to quit. The story line includes a love interest as the protagonist is forced to choose between his fiancé, a spoiled banker’s daughter, and an earnest roadhouse operator.

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Lonesome Land

In this classic and timeless Western novel, heroine Valeria Peyton, with her romantic dreams of the West, arrived in the desolate little cow town of Hope to marry a cowboy, Manley Fleetwood. But he was not there to meet her and in his stead was taciturn Kent Burnett, cow hand, with evasive excuses. Later, when Manley did appear, her pride would not let her see the change in him and they were married in Kent’s disapproving presence. The rambling ranch house of the rising young cattle rancher, proved to be a forlorn shack far out in the Lonesome Land. Valeria valiantly tried to adjust herself to the bleak outlook of a prairie wife, and while doing so, she found out that she was married to a drunk. Rising above her disgust and disillusionment, she tried to help him but he sank lower and lower. Then disaster fell and most of their meager possessions were destroyed by a prairie fire. But in its wake she found staunch friends and a friend in Kent Burnett, who barely saved her life. It was only when she learned that her husband had turned rustler that she decided to leave him, with dramatic events leading to a killing.

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Chip of the flying U

In this classic and timeless Western romance novel, Della Whitmore, a young doctor, comes West to visit her brother’s Montana Flying U ranch after graduating from medical school. The boys at the Flying U didn’t like the idea of a woman around them, even if she was just coming out to spend the summer. And there was nothing worse for the boys at the ranch than to share their lives with a woman who had just received a medical degree. Despite some difficult beginnings, Chip Bennett, one of the main hands at the ranch, will start developing feelings for the bright and beautiful Della. When Chip is injured in an accident, Della takes care of Chip and discovers his hidden artistic talent. In spite of Della’s and Chip’s frequent misunderstandings and clashes, a romantic atmosphere starts to develop.

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An Apache princess

“Under the willows at the edge of the pool a young girl sat daydreaming, though the day was nearly done. All in the valley was wrapped in shadow, though the cliffs and turrets across the stream were resplendent in a radiance of slanting sunshine. Not a cloud tempered the fierce glare of the arching heavens or softened the sharp outline of neighboring peak or distant mountain chain . . . . There is something about a night alarm of fire at a military post that borders on the thrilling. In the days whereof we write the buildings were not the substantial creations of brick and stone to be seen to-day, and those of the scattered ‘camps’ and stations in that arid, sun-scorched land of Arizona were tinder boxes of the flimsiest and most inflammable kind.”

In this classic and timeless Western novel, a young Lieutenant becomes a wanted man. In the midst of the wild west, an army post, the Apache, scouts, soldiers, and fighting, a love story will also unfold. A passionate Apache Princess and several other women will fall in love during these troubled times, complicating the realities of the characters in the story.

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The virginian

In this classic and timeless Western novel, The Virginian is a ranch hand at the Shiloh Ranch, located outside of Medicine Bow, Wyoming. He is described as a tall, dark, slim young giant, with a deep personality. His real name is never given. At first, he is only a worker, but halfway through the book, he is signed on as the full-time foreman. He is the Judge’s most trusted worker. Several times throughout the book, he is offered the chance to run down his enemy, Trampas, behind his back, but each time he refuses the temptation. It is made clear that he will not use his official position as foreman to crush any of the lower workers.

In the novel, one of the main plots is The Virginian’s ongoing romance with Molly Wood, the local schoolteacher. Being from the East, she is not used to the wild west, but he plays a perfect gentleman to her, intending her to like him, and to “love him before we get through.”

The Virginian is widely regarded as being the first cowboy novel and was reprinted fourteen times in eight months. The book was written in the library of The Philadelphia Club, where Owen Wister was a member, and is dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt.

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In this classic and timeless Western novel, horse hunter Lin Slone never wanted anything more than the wild stallion he called Wildfire. Heroine Lucy Bostil found the horse and the unconscious man who had roped the superb Wildfire. The beautiful Lucy Bostil saved both of their lives and took Slone’s heart in the process. Now, another man wants Lucy and the horse, and that man, like a possessed and evil soul, will stop at nothing short of killing to get them both. But will he be successful?

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The lone star ranger

In this classic and timeless Western novel, gunslinger Buck Duane will go from being an outlaw to becoming an outlaw hunter. In the first part of the book, Buck Duane is the son of a famous outlaw and the very last member of the Duanes. After killing a man in self-defense, Duane is forced to go on the dodge by being in the wrong side of the law. During this troubled times, Duane turns up at an outlaw’s hideout, becoming part of a dangerous gang of wanted outlaws and fugitives. Duane is also haunted by the memories of all of the men that he has gunned down. But when his memories hurt the most, he finds a new purpose: saving a kidnapped, beautiful young woman who’s kept captive by the dangerous outlaws. In the second part of the book, Duane joins the mighty Texas Rangers in an effort to clear the frontier of outlaws, in return for the governor’s pardon and a clear conscience.

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Desert gold

In this classic and timeless Western novel, the outlaw and bandit Rojas will do anything to get the beautiful Mercedes to stay with him. When Rojas realizes that Mercedes favors the love of a gringo and Texas Ranger, the bandit Rojas vows to kill her. With the help of a friend of the Texas Ranger, the beautiful Mercedes escapes into the desert with Rojas and his band of outlaws close behind. But fate will intervene to protect the beautiful Mercedes from the wrath of the outlaws. Richard Gale, a college football star, travels to Mexico to prove himself after failing in every business opportunity that his wealthy father had handed him. When he arrives at an Arizona border town, a chance meeting with an old friend launches him into an adventure to save the beautiful Mercedes from the ruthless Mexican bandit.

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