The lone star ranger

In this classic and timeless Western novel, gunslinger Buck Duane will go from being an outlaw to becoming an outlaw hunter. In the first part of the book, Buck Duane is the son of a famous outlaw and the very last member of the Duanes. After killing a man in self-defense, Duane is forced to go on the dodge by being in the wrong side of the law. During this troubled times, Duane turns up at an outlaw’s hideout, becoming part of a dangerous gang of wanted outlaws and fugitives. Duane is also haunted by the memories of all of the men that he has gunned down. But when his memories hurt the most, he finds a new purpose: saving a kidnapped, beautiful young woman who’s kept captive by the dangerous outlaws. In the second part of the book, Duane joins the mighty Texas Rangers in an effort to clear the frontier of outlaws, in return for the governor’s pardon and a clear conscience.

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