An Apache princess

“Under the willows at the edge of the pool a young girl sat daydreaming, though the day was nearly done. All in the valley was wrapped in shadow, though the cliffs and turrets across the stream were resplendent in a radiance of slanting sunshine. Not a cloud tempered the fierce glare of the arching heavens or softened the sharp outline of neighboring peak or distant mountain chain . . . . There is something about a night alarm of fire at a military post that borders on the thrilling. In the days whereof we write the buildings were not the substantial creations of brick and stone to be seen to-day, and those of the scattered ‘camps’ and stations in that arid, sun-scorched land of Arizona were tinder boxes of the flimsiest and most inflammable kind.”

In this classic and timeless Western novel, a young Lieutenant becomes a wanted man. In the midst of the wild west, an army post, the Apache, scouts, soldiers, and fighting, a love story will also unfold. A passionate Apache Princess and several other women will fall in love during these troubled times, complicating the realities of the characters in the story.

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