The Silver Horde

In this classic and timeless Western novel, which is set in Kalvik, a fictionalized community in Bristol Bay, Alaska, tells the story of a down on his luck gold miner, Boyd Emerson, who discovers a greater wealth in Alaska’s run of salmon (silver horde) and decides to open a cannery. In order to “hit gold,” the gold miner must overcome the relentless opposition of a fictionalized Alaska Packers Association. In the quest for striking gold and making it in such a tough environment, our hero will have to deal with the ruthless Association, which undercuts his financing, sabotages his equipment, incites a longshoremen’s riot, and bribes his fishermen to quit. The story line includes a love interest as the protagonist is forced to choose between his fiancé, a spoiled banker’s daughter, and an earnest roadhouse operator.

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