Ten of the coolest women entrepreneurs in America

Have you ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur?

If you have, you are in luck, and if you have not, this is your lucky day, too. This ebook should help you better understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur as well as some of the do’s and do not’s of entrepreneurship — without any baloney. You will learn intimate details of the lives and experiences of 10 very successful, real life, women who became cool and successful entrepreneurs.

“Why should I read this ebook?” Let me give you a few reasons. First, this ebook was specifically written for normal people by normal people. Second, this ebook focuses on asking and answering questions about entrepreneurship that are both insightful and interesting. Third, this ebook is not and was never meant to be “canned” in any way, shape, or form. Finally, in this ebook, you will find very honest questions and answers from its author and the women entrepreneurs featured in it — no baloney.

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