Way of the lawless

In this classic and timeless Western novel, the young Andrew Lanning, following dangerous feelings instead of rational thoughts, makes a mistake that will forever haunt him. And mistakes have consequences. Following Lanning’s footsteps is the most feared lawman and gunslinger in the mountain desert, Hal Dozier, who will stop at nothing to bring the outlaw Lanning to justice. Yet, not everyone believes that Lanning should face justice, including the beautiful Sally. But, is Lanning’s fate already sealed and is he facing certain doom?

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In this classic and timeless Western novel, hero Anthony Bard overcomes all obstacles to track down the killer of his father across the mighty wild west. The wheels of the story are set in motion when, one night, Bard’s father is mysteriously murdered in cold blood. Bard, without any experience riding in the tough west, begins his journey to seek justice. Soon enough, Bard learns that a ruthless and legendary outlaw who has never been defeated in a gunfight, one Steve Nash, is behind the death of Bard’s father. Facing great odds and surviving many challenges, Bard keeps getting closer and closer to getting justice. In the midst of Bard’s revenge, he meets the beautiful Sally Fortune, a young businesswoman who tries to change his mind. But fate has a few surprises awaiting to our hero as well as to the ruthless outlaws seeking revenge in the plains and mountains of the unforgiving wild west.

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The Untamed

In this classic and timeless Western novel, we are introduced to the mighty, Whistlin’ Dan Berry, one of the most charismatic characters in Western fiction. The one and only Whistlin’ Dan Berry has an extraordinary ability to control a wild stallion named Satan, and a terrifying wolf dog called Black Bart. Whistlin’ Dan Berry will start his saga of fame as a relentless gunslinger and justice seeker after being assaulted by the feared and vicious outlaw, Jim Silent. Whistlin’ Dan Berry is relentless in his vengeful search for the outlaw Silent and his gang, taking justice wherever he goes. The is the first book in the “Whistlin’ Dan” series.

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